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Migration & Happiness

Here is an overview of my publications on migration & happiness. Click on bold text to go to a publication.

Academic papers

Happiness in the daily socio-cultural integration process: A day reconstruction study among US immigrants in Germany (International Migration Review, 2023)

Are migrants and their families happier after migration? (Paradigma Económico, 2021)

Unsuccessful subjective well-being assimilation among immigrants: The role of faltering perceptions of the host society. (Journal of Happiness Studies, 2020)

Bringing happiness into the study of migration and its consequences: What, why, and how? (Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies, 2019)

Macro-conditions and immigrants' happiness: Is moving to a wealthy country all that matters? (Social Science Research, 2016)

Why are locals happier than internal migrants? The role of daily life. (Social Indicators Research, 2016)

The happiness of international migrants: A review of research findings. (Migration Studies, 2015)

Book chapters or reports

Happiness and Migration. (Handbook of Labor, Human Resources and Population Economics, 2021)

Who benefits and who suffers from international migration? Global evidence from the science of happiness.

(A Modern Guide to Wellbeing Research, 2021) 

International migration decisions and happiness: The Migration Happiness Atlas as a community development initiative. (Routledge Handbook of Community Development, 2018)

Happiness consequences of international migration. (CaliBRANDO policy brief, 2018) 

Does migration increase happiness? It depends. (Migration Information Source, 2018)

Do international migrants increase their happiness and that of their families by migrating?
(World Happiness Report, 2018)

Happiness insights into migration policy and choice behavior of immigrants.
New Dimensions in Community Well-Being, 2017)


Migrant Happiness: Insights into the broad well-being outcomes of migration and its determinants.

Articles in Dutch

Migratie draagt bij aan een gelukkigere wereld. (Sociale vraagstukken, 2018)

Media coverage

In Dutch

Groter geluksgevoel onder immigranten na migratie. (Gezondheidsgids, 2018)

Maar drie op de tien Poolse immigranten wonen na vijf jaar nog in Nederland. (Algemeen Dagblad, 2018)

In English

Are Migrants Happier After They Move? (Gallup News, 2018)

In Spanish

Realidad muy diferente a lo que sueñan los migrantes: señala investigador de Holanda. (Radio Texmex, 2018)


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