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Thank you for your interest in me and my research!

About me 


I am the deputy scientific director of the Erasmus Happiness Economics Research Organization (EHERO) based at Erasmus University Rotterdam. I also serve as a (visiting) associate professor at the University of Johannesburg, associate editor for the Journal of Happiness Studies, and as an executive board member at the International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies (ISQOLS).

I am passionate about studying human happiness, particularly in relation to work, migration, societal dynamics, and broad prosperity. My work is motivated by my commitment to developing and disseminating evidence-based information on human happiness to support organizations, policy makers, and individuals in making informed decisions. To bridge the gap between science and practice, I regularly engage in research collaborations with practitioners, such as policy makers aiming to improve societal well-being and organizations working to enhance employee well-being. More information about my professional activities is available in my cv.

I welcome new collaborations with organizations and societal partners. Organizations interested in promoting employee well-being may particularly benefit from EHERO's "Codekrakers" research program.

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