Current teaching


Minor Quality of Life and Happiness Economics

I coordinate and teach in the minor Quality of Life and Happiness Economics. This 15 ECTS course is for Bachelor-3 students and explores some of the most important yet least understood aspects of life – Quality of Life and Happiness. It addresses the booming interest in improving employee, societal, and personal well-being. This interest has emerged from the increasing awareness in the business world that a happy and healthy workforce is pivotal for success and the increasing conviction among policy makers and individuals that a good life goes beyond economic welfare. This interdisciplinary minor develops the student’s expertise on various aspects of well-being by exploring contemporary insights from applied economics (particularly happiness economics and health economics), business economics, psychology, and sociology. More information is available here

Master's theses - Erasmus School of Economics

I supervise theses in the field of happiness economics. I supervise Master's theses in the department of Applied Economics on a yearly basis and supervise theses of students from other faculties on request.

An overview of my teaching evaluations is available here.